Flat tire inspires device to help with reconstructive surgery after mastectomy

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When Daniel Jacobs, a plastic surgeon stationed in San Jose, California, was using a carbon dioxide cartridge to fill a flattened bike tire, he wondered if the same method and technology could be used as a breast tissue expander for patients who choose to have reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.

Now, a decade later, AirXpanders, the company that was founded on that one idea, has just completed an important trial and is waiting for 510(k) approval from the FDA. The AeroForm is a needle-free, wireless tissue system. Following a mastectomy, the AeroForm tissue expander is placed underneath the chest muscle to enable the chest wall to be stretched to make room for permanent breast implants.

The company hopes it will become an alternative to the more common method of saline tissue expansion, which can involve multiple doctor visits with repeated injections that can be painful as they stretch the skin.

For more information on the technology, visit the link below: