ACCstudy: Female cardiologists report slow career advancement

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Since 1996 the American College of Cardiology (ACC) has conducted the Professional Life Surveys every 10 years to track how changes in cardiovascular medicine can influence the professional and personal lives of cardiologists. The latest survey focuses on the current demographics, career choices and levels of career satisfaction in the cardiology field.

The survey was sent to 10,798 individuals, including 8,821 cardiologist members and 1.977 fellows-in-training.

In total, 2,313 physicians completed the survey, including 964 women and 1,349 men.

Cardiologists reported feeling satisfied with their professional lives, with 88 percent of women and 90 percent of men saying they were moderately to very satisfied. For women, career satisfaction improved 8 percent points since 1996.

However, the same number of women is likely to report slow advancement through the field. Women were also less likely to report achieving a higher level of career advancement than their peers.

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