Precision placement wearable relieves chronic pain

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For the more than 115 million Americans with chronic pain, finding relief outside a prescription bottle can be difficult. Quadrabloc, produced by Gradient Medical, utilizes quadrapolar magnetic discs to block pain signals through an array of devices to reduce chronic pain in patients.

"The release of Quadrabloc represents an important milestone in the management of pain,” said Brad Worthington, MD, chief medical officer for Gradient Medical. “Despite the availability of over-the-counter and prescription treatment options, pain can be very difficult to treat because the pharmaceutical options are characterized by potentially harmful side effects. This is particularly true of opiates that have garnered widespread use." 

Quadrabloc comes in three variations for placement of painful areas. The first is the Quadrabloc Back Belt, worn on under clothing to treat lower-back pain. The second is the Quadrabloc Pad that can be placed anywhere, including the lower back, shoulders and hips. The last is the Quadrabloc Disc for small areas of pain in the knee, neck, elbow and wrist.

"Quadrabloc enters the market at a time when the pain management segment of the medical device industry is increasingly dedicating resources to over-the-counter (OTC) pain management options for consumers,” said Barry Hix, a medical device industry veteran. “However, unlike the recent medical device introductions for pain management, Quadrabloc delivers freedom from pain and, importantly, freedom from the tethers, cords and chargers that limit the consumer's ability to successfully integrate a medical device into their lifestyle."