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Precision placement wearable relieves chronic pain

For the more than 115 million Americans with chronic pain, finding relief outside a prescription bottle can be difficult. Quadrabloc, produced by Gradient Medical, utilizes quadrapolar magnetic discs to block pain signals through an array of devices to reduce chronic pain in patients.

4 patient safety recommendations released by eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks, a Health IT vendor, has released four patient safety recommendations to all of its users. As a way to educate and remind users of the safety risks to using their software, eClinicalWorks outlined key patient safety risks to ensure all users are safe and protected.

Mobile dispenser improves medication adherence

Intent Solutions, producers of medical technologies, have developed TAD—for "Take As Directed"—a mobile medication dispenser to improve patient adherence.

Bluetooth monitoring may help in getting a good night's sleep

2breathe Technologies, producers of digital therapeutic devices, have developed the 2breathe Sleep Inducer to assist patients in getting a good night’s sleep. The device uses respiration center technology to measure patient’s breathes while asleep. 

AliveCor app includes top risk factors for cardiovascular diseases

AliveCor, producers of mobile electrocardiograms (ECGs) for mobile devices, has announced it has added the features of weight and activity tracking in both iOS and Android mobile device applications to provide patients a more complete picture of their cardiovascular health.

New enterprise content management system improves access, management

Dell's Enterprise Content Division (ECD) has introduced the EMC Documentum for Life Science to support medical device and pharmaceutical documentation.

Cochlear Limited introduces thin, full-length perimodiolar electrode for cochlear implants

Cochlear Limited, a manufacturer of hearing devices, has launched a new thin, full-length perimodiloar electrode that sits close to the hearing nerve, with the potential to improve performance.

Two-way boob tube: Vivify Health brings healthcare to your TV

Vivify Health, a producer of mobile devices for remote care, has been granted a patent for using existing TVs at many locations to monitor and engage patients.

Automated dispenser simplifies managing multiple medications

Livi is a new medication dispenser that has big hopes of simplifying managing multiple drugs and complicated drugs regimens, especially for older adults.

FDA plans to investigate St. Jude Medical's cardiac devices

The FDA is planning a thorough investigations based on the allegations of Muddy Waters, an investment research firm, and cybersecurity firm Medsec Holdings against the medical device manufacturar St. Jude Medical. The allegations claim the cardiac devices have security vulnerabilities that make them unsafe for consumers and patients.