The MediMixer eases struggle in children taking medication

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Improving medication adherence is hard enough for adult patients—a fussy child can make the whole process that much more difficult. MediMixer aims to smooth providing children with their medication and end the back and forth between child and caretaker.

MediMixer engages children in their own care. It works with both liquid and pill form medication by rewarding children for taking their medicine. Children control the process by either pouring liquid medication into the Mixer or crushing the pill. They can then turn wheels and watch medication flow through tubes and funnels until the medication drops into a cup of their favorite drink. Children then race against the clock to take their medication and are rewarded with a ticket to be presented to their caregiver in exchange for a prize.

"Getting children to take their medicine is a daily challenge I hear from a lot of my patient's parents," said Jason Bromberg, MD. "When I write a prescription for a sick child, I often hear parents say how am I going to get my child to take their medicine? I can see the stress in their face.  I can see the MediMixer being recommended daily to parents. Thousands of thousands of children could be using this daily. The MediMixer takes a child's mind off the taste of medicine.  It's going to change pediatrics and the way children take their medicine."